sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

I’m in love with my best friend

- I’m in love with my best friend. - Hermione says after kissing him.
- Isn’t Harry your best friend? – asks Ron, smiling.
- He is, indeed. He’s more than a friend… He’s like a brother. You’re my best friend too. And you’re more than a friend, when we really mean “more than a friend”. This is odd, because I always liked your family, but I don’t feel like your sister.
- You’ve been part of this family, already. But now you are officially. And you can stay… forever, if you want.
Hermione’s eyes glisten. Ron runs his hand down her face.
- Hermione… will you… Will you be my wife, when things are calmer?
- Ron…
- Well, if, if you don’t want…
She puts her hand on his lips.
- I do. I will.
Ron looks at her with a sincere smile. And then, kiss his best friend once more.

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PS: Eu deveria ter postado isso aqui há muito tempo, mesmo estando em Inglês. Me desculpe.

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